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Access to Meiwa

image-The Ryomo Limited Express[ By train ]

     Meiwa is approximately 90 minutes from Asakusa, Tokyo, on the Tobu Line on the Local Express bound for Isesaki. Once you cross the bridge across the Tone River, you are approaching the Kawamata Station in Meiwa.

     The Ryomo Limited Express from Asakusa takes you to Tatebayashi Station in approximately 1 hour. Kawamata is the second station south of Tatebayashi when you change trains.

image-Tohoku Expressway[ By car ]

      The Expressway is the quickest way to reach Meiwa. The town is only 40km from the Urawa Exit on the Tohoku Expressway. You can reach the Tatebayashi Exit in 30 minutes. Meiwa is only 10 minutes from this Exit.

     If you use a local highway, you can reach Meiwa on National Rte. 122 which runs through the center of town and slightly off towards the west. In the past this route was known as Nikko Highway and served as a major trunk line connecting Nikko with Edo (Tokyo).

[ By train (from Tokyo) ]
Get off the train at the Kawamata Station , on the Tobu Isesaki Line.
(Asakusa Sta.)
Tobu Isesaki Line Local Express
86 min.
(Kawamata Sta.)
[ By car (from Tokyo) ]
10 minutes from the Tatebayashi Exit of the Tohoku Expressway
(Urawa Exit)
Tohoku Expressway,
28 minutes
National Rte. 354/122,
10 minutes

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The Town of MEIWA
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