The Town of MEIWA

An Outline of Meiwa

     It is said that the shape of Gunma Prefecture resembles that of a crane in flight. If that is the case, you can find the town of Meiwa in the southeast part of the prefecture, near the neck of the crane. The climate is relatively mild and our town has been blessed by water resources such as the Tone River south of town and the Yata River on the north that sustain our abundant vegetation and mineral-rich soil. Meiwa has also been blessed with easy access to a number of major routes of transportation. The Tobu Isesaki Line runs through the center of town, as does National Highway Rte. 122. We're located close to the Tohoku Expressway as well. Meiwa is closer to Tokyo than any other municipality in the prefecture.

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Municipal mark
Location and geographical features
Elevation approx. 17-21m
Longitude (east) 139o 32'
Latitude (north) 36o 12'
From east to west approx. 11 km
From north to south approx. 3 km
Area 19.67km2

image      Our town, located as it is within the Kanto Plain, is so flat that people in Meiwa joke about the fact that "the highest point in town is the bank along the Tone River". Affectionately known as "Bando Taro", the Tone River flows through the southern part of town. It's a big river with the distance between the riverbanks appraoching 700 meters in some spots. The length of our long and narrow town, along the river from east to west, is 11 km., and the width, from north to south, is 3 km.

     Relics from Yajima ruins confirm the fact that people have been living in this region and developing their own culture the Jomon era some 1500 years ago. The great figure in literature from the Meiji period, Tayama Katai, was quite fond of this region and many of his works dealt with life here. His novel Dote no Ie (House on the Riverbank) is based upon an eating establishment housed in a two-story polygonal roofed home in the Kawamata district of Meiwa. The story deals with the relatively stagnant life of the Tanaka family that runs an inn and the vivid life of an innocent young woman and her transformation towards sophistication near the wharf on the riverbanks in Kawamata. The building that served as the model for the inn in Dote no Ie still stands.

     Today, a new culture is flourishing thanks to a hometown revitalization project that has led to the establishment and development of the Furusato Plaza (Hometown Plaza). The plaza contains broad expanses of verdant grass and a multipurpose plaza, tennis courts, a marine center, a hometown industrial and cultural archives as well as a library. It is a popular place for people to gather and enjoy new encounters, or just to relax and get away from it all. It is one of the most popular spots in town.

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The Town of MEIWA
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