The Town of MEIWA

Things to See in Town

image-Cherry Tree Blvd.
Cherry Tree Blvd.
     This boulevard is located next to the Furusato Plaza. A total of 321 cherry trees representing 7 different varieties proudly announce the coming of spring each year. When the trees are in full bloom, the whole area takes on a pink hue that satisfies our desire for the attractions that spring brings to Meiwa.

image-Furusato Plaza
Furusato Plaza
     The Furusato Plaza was opened on 1993. It provides an opportunity for residents and visitors to casually enjoy water and greenery close to home. Visitors are attracted to the hills throughout the plaza and the murmuring of small streams and there are many spots where strollers can relax. There are also well-equipped sports facilities, outdoor play equipment and substantial promenades. As the sunlight filters down through the leaves of the trees, the plaza is a place where people can enjoy themselves and some moments of gentle relaxation.

image-Cyclamen Ave.
Cyclamen Ave.
     Red, pink, white...the blossoms of the cyclamen bloom in a wide range of colors. Visitors are quick to notice the rows of greenhouses devoted to raising attractive cyclamen flowers on the east side of town. Prices that are much lower than those found in flower shops are responsible for attracting horticulturalists and gardeners to our town.

image-Pear Highway
Pear Highway
     Meiwa is known as the "home of fruitful abundance" and one of the main reasons for this reputation is our pears. Pear orchards can be found all over town. As you walk along our sidewalks, you're bound to recognize the rich fragrance of our pears in season. Main brands include the hosui and the kosui varieties. When freshly picked from the trees, these pears are extremely succulent and scrumptious. When small white flowers bloom on the pear trees in early summer, the whole town takes on a quaint, almost poetic atmosphere that is dear to all of us who live in Meiwa.

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